Thursday, April 15, 2010

3D digital animation film Bal Hanuman 2 to release on 14 May

Astute Media Vision’s Bal Hanuman-2, India’s first 3D digital animation film, will be released on 14 May.Bal Hanuman-2 is the story of Hanuman’s childhood, exploring his adventurous antics for one hour and 15 minutes.

The major difference, while watching the film, is instead of red or blue glass its specs will have special polarized glass that enhances the 3D viewing experience. The film will be released in select theatres that are equipped with 3D projectors. Many theatres had recently equipped their theatres with 3D projectors because they wanted to screen James Cameron’s Avataar.

“In order to give depth to the film, every scene is made with two cameras from right and left angle. Then both are mixed and converted into digital print or transferred to a hard disc. The whole process makes the budget double in comparison to a normal 2D film. But when you watch the result, you will appreciate the money spent,” avers the film’s director Pankaj Sharma.Earlier Sharma directed Panga gang, Bal Hanuman and Bal Ganesh and Bal Ganesh-2 in association with Shemaroo.

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