Friday, February 5, 2010

Apple’s iPad Touchscreen Tablet Review : Photos, Features & Specs

Apple iPad Tablet PC Priced at $499 has arrived in Spring 2010 to rock the gadget world. Learn more about iPad by reading Apple iPad Tablet Review With Pictures. Here are listed the Apple iPad’s (Apple’s new tablet computer) features and specifications. Apple ipad is available now in retail apple stores, so read reviews and decide when you want to rush to apple store to buy new iPad PC.
Ending months of rampant speculation, Apple finally launched the much awaited touchscreen tablet, the ‘iPad’ at an event in San Francisco, USA, for consumers who want to take their movies, TV shows, music, games and reading with them, on the go. Speculation about the capabilities of the iPad and other things, have made this device to be one of the most hyped up and talked about gadget of 2009.The iPad is Apple’s first tablet designed to fill the gap between cell phones and notebooks while being more functional and feature filled than the netbook.

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