Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Qaulities every Animator should be acquainted with

We will tell you about what industry expects from an animator, graphic designer, web designer or video post production artist. Or I can say in other words what is that persona, that every professional multimedia expert or designer possess in his or her personality.
You can accomplish your work according to the demand of your client, you can work fast on your computer, you can visualize what you imagine, and you think you are an excellent designer. Are these above mentioned qualities are the qualities. No I just say no.
Then, what are those qualities?
Have patience., first of all, designers and animators must have good imaginative power, and must have guts to show their imagination on the canvas. Every designer must have patience, persistence, and reserved as well as very friendly attitude. Creativity demands a great deal of energy, so are you energetic. Is your personality is a brand icons for others.
You can work on all latest computer software; it doesnt means that you are designer. Think, do you know, what is the design? What are the elements of design? What is the typography? What are the color schemes? What combination of colors should use when or why? What is the Gestalt Psychological Theorem? What do all shapes indicate? Do you know what circles, rectangles, polygons, curved lines, squares, and spheres indicate? If your answer is NO then you...are..not.a designer.
I would suggest you to explore more about the designing fundamentals and their principles. You can search any professional institute for the same also. Definitely, your career will be on boom, your salary package will be in five to six figures. I have been into this field for last 12 years. I have designed many campaign including brochures, calendars, catalogues, packaging, web sites, intro, presentations etc. In those twelve years of journey, I explored much more and exploring till now.

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