Monday, February 15, 2010


C-series Nokia has applied for trademark in Finland. Thing is clear from the Patent and Trademark Registration Database service. So far, Nokia's phones, the designation is divided familiar four-digit number series, entertainment series, Nseries phones, and the benefit for Eseries phones in series. What will most likely Cseries will continue to pay at least part of a four-digit designation - perhaps even full. Nokia phones to share the four categories targeted at different user groups, whose names are Connect, Live, Achieve and Explore. Explore category of Nseries devices in series and Achieve category Eseries devices in series. Information about what equipment will include Cseries, not yet. It is possible that in the future Cseries brand below include both the Connect and Live-categories of equipment and then either of the two, which probably would be the Connect category. Of course, it is also possible that Cseries must therefore include a whole new range of devices and creates for itself its own laitekategoriansa.
Nokia's Connect-category devices are mainly "traditional phones," the Live category in turn includes the current 7xxx - 8xxx series and style phones. Nokia model number series of the most important quantitatively, 6xxx series, in turn, includes virtually all the Connect category. Cseries equipment features, such as the amount of either of the first release or sale of the revenue is not timetable yet has any information. Nokia has failed at the moment pending trademark applications Cseries-14 April 2009 but it will rise properly to the public until now juttumme this time. Application has been filed a trade / service category 'mobile phones, smartphones, accessories and spare parts for mobile phones. " Previously, Nokia has applied for trademark Nseries Eseries 9/1/2006 and 28/3/2006 brands. At that time, Nokia was already the marks before applying formally announced the first alabrändit with their products. Nokia has not applied for the brand to other potential new series ending in addition to names Cseriesin. Nokia are trying to get some kind of context, comments C-series immediately after the weekend on Monday

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