Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back to Google News Sharp's 3D display for mobiles

apanese electronics manufacturer Sharp demonstrated examples of its new liquid crystal display technology.Its latest products include 3-inch screens that showed 3D animation, touch-panel screens that switched from one 3D still photo to another, and a display connected to a 3D camcorder that showed video it was taking in 3D.Sharp's 3D displays deliver brighter and clearer imagery without the need for special glasses usually required for TVs with such technology. But they are still limited to smaller sizes.Movies and TVs in 3D are no longer surprising. Sony and Panasonic of Japan, as well as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics of South Korea, sell or are planning to offer 3D TVs.Their drawback is the need for special glasses, which show different images to the right eye and the left eye.

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