Monday, July 5, 2010

Eyeon Software Release Supercomputing Fusion 6.1

ronto: June 28, 2010 - eyeon Software announced today the release of their latest version of Fusion's new Supercomputing compositing software for Linux and Windows.eyeon Software has always been keenly responsive in developing their software based on industry and artist demands. For years, facilities have been trying to solve demanding production requirements by brute force and many assets. It is clear that eyeon's newest artist-driven approach to production yields far more benefits than have to date been realized. Facilities will no longer need to endure complex translations and data wrangling between pipeline departments; on-board tools now allow artists to complete shots themselves rather than continually farming the shots out. This new methodology generates a better synergy between departments, providing a more collaborative environment with unprecedented speed, which is soon to become the industry norm.
Fusion 6.1's extensive supercomputing approach utilizes the powerful, low-cost GPU to create assets and layers in real time. The extensive tool set that imports scenes from 3D animation packages allows for a much tighter integrated workflow between departments and applications.This open flexibility also increases industry support for technologies such as RenderMan(r) and RED(r) Camera MYSTERIUM X(tm). Relighting and sophisticated finishing offer more control and transparent collaboration between the compositing artists. OpenCL supercomputing is a fresh and innovative use of today's massively parallel GPU. By speeding up computationally extensive operations such as Defocus, Fusion 6.1 allows the artist to instantly visualize sophisticated mathematical operations that compile code on-the-fly for use by the new generation graphics cards."We've been relying on Fusion for all of our compositing work. With 6.1 and ROI, we have been able to go through material much faster than before. The added 3D capabilities have allowed us to make a lot of modifications to a shot inside of Fusion, instead of having to go back into the 3D package for additional passes and such." Oliver Hotz, Origami Digital, LLC.
eyeon Software Inc. develops applications for the VFX and postproduction communities. eyeon products include Fusion(tm), an award-winning compositing application used on thousands of feature film and broadcast projects over the past 20 years; Rotation(r), a rotoscoping system andVision(r), a suite of tools designed for broadcast. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to postproduction workflows, eyeon Software introduced Generation(r), providing an integrated facility-wide system for artist collaboration and visual shot management. Fusion artists have contributed significant work to recent box office successes such as Prince of Persia, The A-Team, Jonah Hex, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, 2012, New Moon, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, G.I. Joe, X-Men Origins, Twilight, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Hellboy II, Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D, 300, Spiderman 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Happy Feet, Sin City, and many others.

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