Thursday, July 8, 2010

PlayStation3 released with enhanced capacity

Sony had unveiled PlayStation 3 Slim in September20009 and it was a thinner version that had an improved hard drive capacity and it was the major attraction for the users. It was offered at lower prices and its sleek build immediately was a talking point. Now fresh news about the PlayStation is that the company is thinking of releasing of its new versions. According to the reports, Sony will launch version of the PS3 in Japan in 160GB and 320GB hard drives. Reports are that these two new models with enhanced capacity will be launched on July 29 in Japan. Price of the 160 GB version will be at $342 and the 320GB will be priced at $399. Like the current models, both the versions will be in the charcoal black finish and will be slim. The 160GB version will also be available in white. A release from Sony Japan’s website has said that the company will also launch PlayStation 3 Terrestrial Digital Recorder Pack that will comprise of a Torne digital video recorder as well as a 160GB charcoal black system. The Torne is a digital television receiver and video recorder that was released in Japan earlier this year.

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