Thursday, January 28, 2010

MAAC Jaipur students covered in Rajasthan Patrika

Attached alongside is the extensive coverage of MAAC Jaipur's students efforts towards the cause of social awareness. The article reads the following:

Further to the technical excellence of 3d animation displayed by the students of Maya academy MAAC Jaipur has been very active lately in raising social issues and making animation films on creating awareness concerning the recent developments on Global warming and tree conservation. “These films are and effective medium of spreading the awareness, as most of the people like to watch 3d animation films and appreciate them; pertaining to this fact, when there is a social cause or a social message attached to the film the idea of spreading the awareness is accomplished and the message is understood very easily amongst all the age groups” says Lakshya Kabra Director of MAAC Jaipur. The movie Jungle ka karnama showcases the value of trees and gives a social message that if we don’t conserve trees how harmful it will be for us in future. Based on current climatic changes and the further ill-effects of global warming the world will be very different in future years to come. This is captured in the special effect movie 3009 which talks about the idea of resource conservation or the world will be a complete concrete jungle after 100years.
With this students of MAAC Jaipur are trying to bring out the positive effects of commonwealth games happening in India. “India has been doing very well in cricket at international level and by winning so many recognition at Olympics Indian athletes have also made their mark, we are trying to portray through our animated characters that after commonwealth games the awareness about the various other sports will increase” says a student who have been working behind the making of commonwealth game project.
 As the picture here shows an old man wearing boxing gloves, which means that after winning a broze medal in Olympic boxing has become popular in villages and people now can think of making boxing a career. Such initiatives by the students are not only adding the required creativity to their portfolios but also it adds up in making them responsible towards society. “The additional innovations and the projects which the students are taking will definitely add the technical excellence to their knowledge and help them do better in the future endeavors of animation Industry” Lakshya Kabra further adds.

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