Thursday, March 25, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: How To Train Your Dragon 3D

DESPITE its title, How To Train Your Dragon is not an informative documentary on disciplining mythical reptiles. What it is, however, is a visually stunning animation about a young Viking’s unlikely friendship with one of the myriad of fire-breathing pests which plague his remote village. Past animations by Dreamworks Studios have been hit and miss, with the brilliantly sharp and funny Shrek films followed by underwhelming movies such as Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. But this charming and frequently thrilling tale of weedy teenager Hiccup (voiced by the dryly comic Jay Baruchel) and his desperate attempts to find his niche in a community of burly, macho dragon-slayers, soars above its predecessors in terms of both narrative and technical excellence.

As is de rigueur now for Hollywood blockbusters, the movie is presented in 3D. It is a money-spinning gimmick which usually adds very little to the film. However, shown on the IMAX’s mammoth screen the eye-popping technology draws the audience into the exciting adventure rather than sending viewers running for the toilet in queasy repulsion at the dizzying effects. While never reaching the heights of sophistication seen in Disney/Pixar’s Up, How To Train Your Dragon has enough fire in its belly to warrant a look.

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